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      Backtrace game crash management platform

      Deliver uninterrupted game experiences by automating your response to errors.

      Powerful game crash management

      All games hang, crash and have errors. The Backtrace error tracking software ensures that you find errors before your players do.

      Capture every crash and exception – and fix them fast

      Monitor automated crash and exception capture from every client, console, engine, and server platform you run on. Backtrace generates structured, searchable error reports for you. Unreal, Unity, Xbox, Google Stadia, PS4, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, C, C++, or C# – we have you covered.

      Optimized and verified for Unity

      Backtrace is a Verified Solutions Partner, which means that Backtrace has been authenticated by Unity to ensure that its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Editor and provides a seamless experience for Unity developers.

      Fred Gill, Technical Director, Respawn Entertainment

      “We recently started ingesting crashes from one of our PS4 games into Backtrace, and we now have a single place where we can view all quality issues impacting Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order across desktop and game consoles. This visibility will help propel our software quality management practices to the next level.”

      Fred Gill, Technical Director, Respawn Entertainment
      Christopher Swiedler, Engineering Director, Roblox

      "Backtrace has cut down on the time it takes to generate crash reports while increasing their accuracy. It’s nice to be able to send people links to Backtrace crash reports and searches."

      Christopher Swiedler, Engineering Director, Roblox
      Chris Millar, CEO, Fun Bits Interactive

      It is nice to see crash dump automation like Backtrace come to market in a way that helps reduce a lot of headaches, and also helps automate processes for smaller teams who do not have the luxury of a full QA Staff on board to manage, track, and report crashes on a daily basis.”

      Chris Millar, CEO, Fun Bits Interactive
      Brent Lamb, Senior Producer, Cryptic Studios

      “Backtrace has changed the way we explore and use crash data. Everyone feels comfortable running queries and understanding the health of one of our games.”

      Brent Lamb, Senior Producer, Cryptic Studios

      Key benefits

      Protect and empower developers across games’ lifecycle

      A single tool that enables true cross-platform crash and exception reporting across client devices, engines, languages, streaming services, and deployment platforms. Automate error collection, deduplication, symbolication, and integration to dramatically accelerate debugging.

      Putting error data to work

      Crashes and exceptions happen without you knowing – so you rely on manual action to collect diagnostic information. Backtrace automates error capture and symbolication, removing back and forth between customers and your support team.

      Build error-free games, faster

      Backtrace’s flexible query engine and rich ecosystem of supported languages allow you to capture errors across your environments –?so you get the full story on what’s happening behind the scenes to isolate the components leading to errors.

      Get in touch to learn more about Backtrace or start your free trial.

      Frequently asked questions

      How does the free trial work?

      The 30-day trial allows you to submit or upload up to 25,000 crashes, and gives you an opportunity to explore how Backtrace can help your organization better understand and resolve crashes. You can add a total of five users at your organization to collaborate on the trial.

      What platforms does Backtrace work with?

      Backtrace works with all of the major platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

      Do I have to be a Unity user to use Backtrace?

      No. Backtrace is engine agnostic; it can be used with Unity, Unreal and other engines.

      How much does Backtrace cost?

      Pricing depends on which platforms you plan to use Backtrace for, and we have three different packages. All pricing is based on one seat/user and excludes VAT/sales tax.

      $600 annually for mobile only – iOS and Android
      $900 annually for mobile and desktop – includes iOS and Android + Windows, Mac and web
      $1200 annually for mobile, desktop and consoles – includes iOS and Android + Windows, Mac and web + Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

      How do I get started?

      You can start your free trial immediately by clicking here and following the checkout process. Please contact the team if you need further assistance or have additional questions.

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