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      Success Stories

      Unity case studies

      Read these in-depth customer stories,?on how creators, studios, and agencies around the world use Unity’s solutions and services. And how their games, films and interactive experiences are transforming the gaming, entertainment, architecture, automotive, and other industries.

      New case studies

      Fall Guys
      Games - Console, PC, Mac

      See how Mediatonic dealt with?a new level of complexity for its?studio, while?its engineers had their hands full creating an?action-adventure offering for up to 60 players at a time.

      Crazy Defense Heroes
      Games - Mobile

      Not content to simply offer a digital catalog of incredible casual and midcore gaming titles, Animoca Brands is?finding ways to incorporate burgeoning technologies like blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into some of their products.

      Hardspace: Shipbreaker
      Games - Console, PC, Mac

      From the game’s conception, Blackbird?wanted?Hardspace: Shipbreaker?to awe players with its high-fidelity vision of life in space.

      Case studies by industry

      Architecture, Engineering, Construction

      Made with Unity

      Explore the Made with Unity showcase to learn how artists, designers and storytellers around the world employ Unity for their award-winning games, films and VR/AR experiences.

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